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Coronavirus vaccine bottle. Phial with v

DMC are supporting the vaccination of our patients who are in high risk group 4 and  7, 


who are aged 18-59 years. 

If you think you fall into High Risk Group 4 or 7 and have not already been called for vaccination by DMC or elsewhere, please complete the form below. This will enable us to crosscheck your records, confirm the group you belong to, and ensure you are listed for vaccination if appropriate. 


Before completing the form,  please click on the groups above to read the details of whether your condition puts you in a high risk category for vaccination in DMC. Each form submitted will be triaged by a doctor.

We do not expect vaccines to arrive for these groups until mid May. If you meet the criteria, we will contact you when the vaccines arrive. In the meantime, if your age group is called to register on the HSE portal we would encourage you to do so in order to facilitate your quickest pathway to vaccination.

Covid Vaccine Group 4&7 Contact form
Please detail the medical condition(s) that put you at high risk:

Thanks for submitting!

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