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We offer a screening service for sexually transmitted infections. We provide this service with discretion and complete confidentiality. Some reasons why you might attend for a sexual health check include: 

  • If you have had unprotected sex especially with an unknown partner.

  • If you have symptoms in the genitourinary area which may be related to sexual contact

  • If a recent or present partner has been diagnosed with an STI

  • If you would like to know about your sexual health status

A sexual health check will include urine testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, and blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. Other tests such as penile and vaginal swabs may be taken.

There is no point in attending for screening any sooner than 2 weeks after the contact that you are concerned about as the test results may not be accurate. This does not apply if you have symptoms.

It is advisable for men not to pass urine for 2 hours before your appointment so that an accurate sample can be obtained. 

See below some useful sexual health information:

General Information on STIs and Genital Infection

MSM Sexual Health

Vaginal Discharge

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