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(for trusted medical information and support on ALL

types of disorders and mental health problems)

Mental health bulb word cloud, health co

Your Mental Health

Jigsaw (Youth and Mental Health)

Spunout (Youth Information Website)

Crisis Text Line 50808 (24/7 mental health text support)

Alcohol Dependence (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Alcohol Dependence (support for families affected)


Drug Addiction

Eating Disorders

Child Abuse (childline for children) 1800 666 666

CaPA: Adult survivors of child abuse

Domestic Abuse (Womens Aid)

Domestic Abuse (for Male Victims)

Counselling and Psychotherapy 

CIPC Information for Clients (01) 2805862 (counselling)

Marriage and Relationship Counselling 

Crisis Pregnancy

Depression (Aware)

Depression and Suicide (Samaritans) 1850609090

Suicide, Self Harm & Depression (Pieta House)

LGBT (support for young Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and

Transgender people)

LGBT (listening and support service for Gay, lesbian

and Transgender people and their families)


RAPE (Rape Crisis Centre)

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