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We offer annual and six monthly reviews for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. (Non Insulin Dependant Diabetes). This 'Diabetic Cycle of Care' helps you optimise your diabetes control and is instead of attending the hospital diabetic clinic. You would see our nurse every six months and one of our doctors every year.

Your annual review appointment with the nurse will consist of

  • discussion of your blood results

  • urine sample sent to monitor your kidney function

  • an ECG (electrocardiogram) of you heart will be taken

  • blood pressure taken

  • your feet will be examined

  • your weight and height will be recorded and BMI calculated

  • discussion about your diet and lifestyle

This review will be followed by a consultation with the doctor to discuss your results and assess your current medications.

Your follow up review with the nurse 6 months later will consist of further discussion, monitoring and examination, and blood or urine tests if necessary.

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