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We have adopted a secure mobile invoice and payment system called 'Billink'. You will receive a text from Billink sent by our practice to your mobile phone if payments are required.

This is a trusted, reliable and secure service which is especially modified for medical practices. The text will indicate it is coming from Deansgrange Medical Centre. It is safe to click on the link to review your invoice and it is easy to make a prompt payment. 

No credit card information is kept on these systems after payments either on Billink or in our GP practice. You will receive a receipt of payment to your phone. 

This system allows for reduced exposure of our staff and patients to each other and provides a secure, and efficient method of invoicing, payment and receiving receipts. 


Doctor Consultation in surgery- Extended

(30 minutes)


Telephone Consultation

Examination in surgery following telephone consultation is no extra charge


Doctor Consultation Standard (student)      (full time college students with ID)


Doctor Review Consultation

In surgery or Telephone (within a month)                                      


House Call                                              

(for house bound patients only) 


Doctor Consultation with bloods       


Nurse Consultation                           


Blood tests         


Consultant Requested Bloods              


ECG (& interpretation)                            



Blood Pressure Check with Nurse          


Injection from Nurse:                             

Vit B12, Prolia, Depot      


Ear syringing                       


Removal of Stitches       







Enduring Power of Attorney

Activation of EPA                                                   


Driving Licence Medical                                   


Cryotherapy- first treatment

Subsequent treatments €50                 


Repeat Prescriptions                             


Administration Fee

Including work certification, letters, form completion, preparation of notes etc         


Sexual Health Check                           



Menopause Consultation                    

(excluding blood tests if needed)                                                     


Diabetic Annual Review                       

30 minute nurse consultation &

follow up doctor consultation

(blood tests in surgery €30 extra)


Diabetic Review

(6 monthly)                      


Cervical Smear with CervialCheck                Private smear €150


Coil Fitting

Insertion & 6 week follow up   

Removal without refitting €120



Removal of device €150           


Pessary Change                                      


Flu vaccine   

The flu vaccine is currently only available for those who meet the eligibility criteria                              


Meningitis B (Bexaro) per dose

2 doses needed                     


HVP (Gardisil 9) per dose

doses needed (age 9-14)              

3 doses needed (age 15 and over)



Varivax (Chicken Pox Vaccine)

2 doses needed                                    


Zostavax (Shingles Vaccine)               

Doctor consultation needed first €65


Medical Legal Report

PIAB Injury Board Report        

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