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Preparing for Blood Test
Blood Test


We provide a phlebotomy service in the practice. This involves the taking of blood samples, delivering them to the hospital  laboratory, and interpreting the results. Some of the blood tests that may  be taken include cholesterol levels, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, testing for diabetes etc.


In general, a consultation with the GP is necessary first. Please don't assume that blood tests 'look for everything'- as they don't. Your doctor will decide what tests are appropriate for you. It is vital that you let your GP know if there is something in particular you wish to be tested for and why.

For your results we would ask you to phone the surgery one week after your blood tests have been taken to ensure all the results are back. You may be asked to make an appointment to discuss your results with your doctor. If you require fasting bloods, please fast for 12 hours before the time of the test.


If you have consented to do so, you may also receive some test results by text. The doctor or nurse may give you some instruction on what to do next. Please click here to complete our Text/email Consent form and return it to us. 

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