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The Flu Vaccine

In order to run our flu clinic as safely and smoothly as possible, we ask for your co-operation with the following:

  • Please read the HSE information on the flu vaccine 2022/22 here

  • Please attend on time ( and not before) for your appointment

  • Please wear a face covering on entering the building

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the surgery. 

  • Please have your left upper arm easily accessible for vaccination.

Flu Shot
  • You will be directed to the clinic room where a nurse or doctor will administer the vaccine.

  • You will leave the surgery via a different door to the one you entered, please sanitise your hands on leaving.

  • You can leave the surgery after vaccination, however, we would ask you to remain in the vicinity of the surgery building for 15 minutes, in the company of a responsible adult. This is because of the very rare possibility of severe allergic reaction. If you choose to wait in your car we would ask you to sit in the back seat so that you can lie down if you feel unwell. Contact us immediately if you feel unwell.

  • If you are unable to be supervised by another adult, you can wait for 15 minutes after your vaccination in our waiting room, maintaining social distance.

  • You may have a mild fever and aching muscles for a couple of days after having the vaccine. Your arm may also be a bit sore where you got the injection. Serious side effects of the flu vaccine are very rare.

Thank you for attending for your flu vaccine.

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